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Free shipping on all orders over $75! You're welcome! <3
Free shipping on all orders over $75! You're welcome! <3
Links to better health

Links to better health

With Grunge Goddess products, it's easy to have beautiful, healthy skin. But there's more you can do for your all-around health and wellness.

Below you will find a few links to help you find some products and services to improve your wellbeing. These are affiliate links, and so I may receive a portion of the proceeds if you choose to buy. And for that, I thank you so much for your support in my small business.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a food delivery program known for redistributing small, blemished, surplus, or any otherwise unusable produce by conventional grocery stores. You can choose a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule, and there is free delivery above $60 at the time I'm writing this.

In addition to the produce, they have plenty of health-conscious foods and ingredients available. Pick and choose exactly what you want in every box, and for those with allergies like me, a full ingredient list is found with every item listing before you commit to buy. I love being able to add what I need to cart as I meal-plan every week.

This is a great way to eliminate food waste and save time, and I really hope you try it if it's available in your area!


Tranont is an up-and-coming wellness company with all sorts of patented, exclusive products. There are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients, just healthful nutrition that your body needs. They are most well known for their specialty blends and their innovative supplement called Transform that converts carbohydrates to fiber, but they carry everything from supplements and whole-flower CBD to toothpaste and night serums! You will definitely find something to fit your needs here.

Everything I've tried from Tranont has reaped incredible benefits for me. For example, since I have such a sensitive belly, probiotic supplements have been too harsh for me. However, Tranont's probiotic and enzyme blend called Enrich has been the only one I've ever tried that I can handle, and my digestive tract thanks me as I feel so much more balanced and clear-headed.

Another product I especially recommend is their MCT and amino acid creamer called Enrich! It's just so good. It doesn't go sour like cream does. And it doesn't have any soy or emulsifiers that my system can't handle.

Free Your Hair brush

The last company I'm dying to mention here is a beautiful hair brush company called Free Your Hair. Each brush is crafted from wood with a lovely engraved design representing an affirmation to keep in mind every time you brush. The bristles are mixed in length and texture on a flexible base to pamper your hair at all depths. The result is damage-free hair and evenly distributed natural oils across the strands of your hair. When you brush in all directions before cleansing your head, it will actually cut down on the times you'll need to wash your hair every week, resulting in even healthier hair.

I love how the bristles of my brush have softened over time. It's awesome how this company pays so much attention to sustainability and giving a portion of proceeds to charities. Got to love a strong woman-owned business.

Here's a quick snap of my brush:

 My Free Your Hair brush

That's what's up for now. Let me know if you try any of these companies. Are there any other companies or products you've found that have changed your life around?

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