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How to harness the power of sea salt

How to harness the power of sea salt

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This article is all about salt. More specifically, sodium chloride. And most specifically, sea salt.

Table salt has given salt consumption a bad name. It’s highly processed, so it no longer contains vital trace minerals. It also contains additives that our bodies would do better without. It takes much more table salt than sea salt would to make food taste good, so it’s easy to overdo it and cause high blood pressure and other health conditions.

There are many types of sea salts, but here are a few rabbit holes to explore on your own: himalayan pink salt, celtic sea salt, sel gris, fleur de sel, and black or red hawaiian.

So, what can salt do for you? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Himalayan salt lamps. It is said that these lamps emit negative ions which may promote feelings of well-being. I honestly use mine every single day. They emanate an amber-pink glow which is so therapeutic before bed.

  2. Hydration. Did you know sodium and chloride are vital electrolytes? Ingesting lightly salted water greatly increases your ability to absorb the water. Sprinkle a small pinch in a tall glass of warm water.

  3. Migraine and headache relief. Upping your water intake oftentimes can ease a headache. Prepare 20 to 30 ounces of warm water and stir in a large pinch of sea salt. CHUG. Wait half an hour, then repeat as needed.

  4. Physical benefits. Salt is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. It is used to draw out moisture when curing meats. It is used to inhibit bacteria when fermenting foods. It even adds a little something when cooking, as we all know.

  5. Spiritual benefits. Salt has similar spiritual properties to its physical ones. It’s used to dispel negative or stale energies and entities. Create your own rituals by sprinkling it in the corners of your house or yard, wearing a pretty vial of it around your neck, or using it in your self care routine. Speaking of which –

  6. Salt baths. It’s no surprise that this is my favorite of all. Not all of us get to live on the coast, but we can all reap salt water’s lovely skin benefits. Again, salt is used on the skin to remove impurities and improve its hydration. Your skin will be left dewy and tingly.

    To create your own personal ocean, sprinkle 1/4 cup of sea salt into your full bathtub. Then get in and use my brine bar, Salt of the Earth. It smells just like the ocean and has an extra dose of coconut oil for hydration.

I hope this inspired you to harness the power of sea salt for yourself. Pick two or three of the ideas above to add to your daily rituals, and I know you will feel the difference!

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