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Free shipping on all orders over $75! You're welcome! <3
Free shipping on all orders over $75! You're welcome! <3

Pearlgarden - Protecting Bar Soap

fresh squeezed aloe juice


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Stress relief is a matter of stepping into your shower and into a garden of paradise. Get ready to shine and freshen up with a bar of Pearlgarden.

This soap's fresh aloe vera juice is what your skin needs to feel soothed and protected from the elements. Aloe vera leaves are juiced by hand after harvest from my home apothecary. Made with the signature Grunge Goddess formula, this soap is especially ideal for gently cleansing chapped skin and for shaving. Each bar is topped with whimsical cold process soap foliage, biodegradable glitter, and sugar pearls.

Pearlgarden's fragrance screams green: grass, moss, bamboo, lime zest, and cucumber embrace notes of sandalwood, honey, patchouli, and geranium.

Net wt 4 oz/113 g

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Olea europaea (Olive) oil, hydrogenated Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Aloe barbadensis leaf gel, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, fragrance, chromium oxide, mica, bis(glycidoxyphenyl)propane/ bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer, aluminum hydroxide, Red 28, Red 22, titanium dioxide, chomium oxide, tin dioxide, fluorophlogopite (biodegradable glitter).