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How to recycle Grunge Goddess packaging in your area

How to recycle Grunge Goddess packaging in your area

With the ongoing problem of plastic ending up where it shouldn't be, it's important to know where to properly recycle it.

Grunge Goddess products are packaged in plastic only when necessary, like to seal bubble bombs or to contain sugar scrubs. The plastic used here are types that can be recycled indefinitely. However, if it finds its way into the garbage or into the environment it can end up turning into microplastics, so please choose to recycle!

Here's what you should do with Grunge Goddess packaging when you are finished with it.

1. Grunge Goddess jars are #1 PET. They can be placed without lids in blue curbside recycling bins. Check locally where to recycle if you don't have a curbside program.

2. To recycle the plastic film found in Grunge Goddess bubble bomb packaging, take them any where you might recycle plastic bags. Usually the bins are found inside grocery or department stores. To find the locations nearest to you, enter your zip code on the bags and films recycling website.

3. For all Grunge Goddess paper-based packaging like boxes and bands,  wrappers, and labels, just recycle them wherever you recycle paper and cardboard. It can also be easily composted, so feel free to mulch your garden or toss it in your yard waste bin!

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